Stem Cell Research Act

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Stem Cell Research Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill


This is a bill to allow the use of stem cell research in Liberalia.

Article I: Purpose

Clause 1: Stem cells are cells in the human body that has the potential to grow into any specific cell with a specific role in the body.

Clause 2: Research shall be carried out to identify whether stem cells can be used to cure illnesses or disabilities.

Article II: Funding

Clause 1: Funding shall be made available to scientists who wishes to study stem cells for the express intention of achieving the purpose contained in Article I Clause 2

Section a: Funding may come from the region, the nation or the institution which is carrying out the research.

Clause 2: A nation may not directly fund stem cell research if they do not wish to do so.

Article III: Harvesting Stem cells.

Clause 1: The deliberate growing and aborting of fetuses for the sole purpose of acquiring stem cells is prohibited.

Clause 2: Stem cell "lines" may be acquired by removal of stem cells from an embryo.

Section a: Harvesting in such a way to cause the destruction of embryos is illegal.

Clause 3: Remains from miscarriaged or aborted embryos may be used to harvest stem cells before disposal.

Clause 4: Unused embryos from in vitro fertilisation may be used to harvest stem cells before disposal.

Section a: Consent from both parties involved in IV fertilisation, i.e. the egg provider and sperm provider is required.

Clause 5: The cloning of cells through nuclear cell transfer that could potentially lead to viable embryos for the sole purpose of harvesting stem cells is illegal.

Section a: The cloning of pluripotent and multipotent cells is however allowed.

Clause 6: The harvesting of stem cells from adult volunteers shall be allowed.

Section a: Adults shall be defined as being above the age of majority in the nation in which the research is carried out.

Clause 7: Only pluripotent and multipotent cells may be isolated under the methods defined in Article III and used in stem cell research.

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